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Sateh Borrel

Last year, Marcel's sateh was a big hit: Ayam (chicken), Babi (pork) and Tempeh (bean curd), all topped of with his family recipe Peanut Sauce! So come join us at Maeve for our monthly Dutch Club of Chicago Borrel. Free sateh to go with your beer or other beverage of choice - cash bar. Do you know any better way to end the week and start the weekend?!

Events Calendar Update

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2014 Bar-be-koe!

The Annual Dutch Club of Chicago Summer 2014 BBQ event on Sunday Sept 7th was a great succes. A BIG thanks to all 53 Dutchies who made it out the the North-West burbs  for great food, drinks and to top it all off, a beautiful day! The kids got their faces painted and balloons made if they were not playing at the adjacent playground. Good times all around.


Membership Drive 2014

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