The Dutch Club Chicago (anno 1958) welcomes all people with an interest in the Netherlands and its culture. With the Midwest ties to the Netherlands dating back many years and  growing numbers of Dutch moving here as well as companies settling here today, for some it's nice to visit your roots every now and then. Therefore we organize a wide variety of social events where you can mingle with fellow Dutch minded people and get the feeling of “gezelligheid”.
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Upcoming events February

The Dutch Club of Chicago has two great events coming up! On February 19th we invite you to join us for a drink at the Northern Lights Suburb Borrel in Highwood. Do you live closer to the city? On February 26th we will be hosting our annual "Snert Borrel" with homemade pea soup! For tickets to the Northern Suburb Borrel please click here. For tickets to the Snert Borrel please click here

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