Health Insurance in the United States

Expat or US Based Coverage

There are two ways to make sure you have proper health insurance for coverage in the US:

  1. Expat Policy from Dutch insurer, or
  2. Sign up for US based health insurance (for instance through employer benefits package)

Good Expat Health Insurance Policies

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a policy:

  • For some activity the insurer may cap the amount they reimburse. For instance, if you intend to give birth in the US, make especially sure to check whether child birth and all preceding care has a cap.
  • If you do not wish to take insurance from your Dutch insurer, but do intend to go back to The Netherlands at some stage, and want to return to that insurer: Submit a notice to suspend your policy until further notice with the intent to return. Make sure this is confirmed
    in writing. This way your insurer cannot deny coverage upon return.
  • Check out beforehand what the policy is for reimbursement of claims. In most cases you will need to pay the fees yourself and claim with the insurance company, but some pay quicker then others. Some may have clearing agents in the US for this process. Find this out before choosing an insurance policy.

US Based Health Package

If you do decide to join a US based health package, you will most likely fall under an HMO, an organization that forges relationships with certain hospitals and other health care institutions. If your company is tied into a certain HMO, make sure to check if there are any restrictions in choosing a particular hospital.

In both cases, whether you decide on a US health insurance policy or opt for an expat policy, it will be quite a bit more expensive than what you are used to in Holland.