Royal ERU is an independently owned Dutch cheese company that has been a fixture in Woerden, a town in the green heart of the Netherlands, for over 190 years. ERU has remained loyal to its roots ever since the Ruijs family established their cheese operations in Woerden in 1824. Yes almost 200 years ago. It all started with a man who loved cheese: Egbert Ruijs. The name ERU comes from his initials: Egbert Ruijs.

At first, the company sold a variety of solid cheeses. By the 1920s, methods for melting cheese were being explored. Successful experiments led to the opening of the first factory in 1938 and large-scale production of melting cheese began. Later, melting cheese proved to be so popular that ERU decided to focus exclusively on cheese spreads.

Goudkuipje cheese spread was introduced in 1959 and quickly became ERU’s biggest success. Some 50,000 cups of Goudkuipje cheese spread were produced during the first year. Today, tens of millions of Goudkuipje cups are produced each year. In response to emerging trends and demands, new varieties of Goudkuipje were introduced. The mustard and sambal (red pepper) varieties offered consumers more choice.

In 1999, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands bestowed the Royal distinction on ERU. It was a very special reward for decades of craftsmanship. The royal crown has been a part of the ERU logo ever since.

Today, ERU exports their cheese spreads all over the world into Europe, Asia and more recently also North America. ERU’s journey to the US market started when they first met the Economic Department of the Chicago Consulate General at a “doing business in the USA” meeting in The Hague, May 2012.

Afterwards, Herbert Wennink of the Chicago Consulate provided ERU with market information and a listing of potential agents and importers.

ERU appointed their US-agent in Chicago, who also is a member of our Dutch Club named Jan van Marwijk Kooy. Jan has developed the launch strategy for the US retail market. He is working with a cheese importer, food brokers and specialty food distributors to distribute ERU. ERU was launched early 2013. US retailers and consumers both love ERU as it brings innovation and great cheese flavors into the deli / cheese case in supermarkets across the country. ERU is already available in 18 states from Illinois to Arizona and from Wyoming to Florida. Even ERU is being shipped to the Cayman Islands. Closer to home in Chicago, ERU is also available in the following Independent Chicago supermarkets such as Caputo’s, Tony’s, Pete’s, Sunset Foods, Shop & Save and Woodman’s. Even the two Flagship stores of Walgreens (Bucktown and State & Randolph) proudly sell ERU in their specialty cheese section.

ERU sells 4 of the most popular flavors; Gouda, Gouda & red pepper, Brie and Goat. They are all great to use for many different occasions such as plain on your “boterham”, bagel, crackers & wine, to cook and make sauces or simply microwave and eat it with corn chips. For great recipe tip, please visit our website .